June 2013 archive

Why Believe?

Why Believe? by Scott Taylor Why do you think we believe whatever we are currently believing? Consider how many people are willing to literally die for their beliefs. Not sure about that? Just look at all the brave solidiers who stand up for you and me against incredible hate and distain everyday in this country. …

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Why Join Us?

“Throughout any given day, human beings experience ‘BIOREACTIONS’ (i.e., the urge to FIGHT, FLEE, FREEZE OR APPEASE), being aware of them and choosing an intelligent alternative is honorable work.” Paraphrased from “The Communication Catalyst”   Our clients join us to grow faster, to stay informed, to be inspired, and challenged to go for the stretch goals. …

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Hello and Welcome to the FastPath!

Welcome to an exciting potential!  Look around and see if you like what you have found. My name is Scott Taylor. This work is my passion, and I’m glad you’re here! Here you will find many lessons, tips, tactics, shortcuts, trends, exercises, and proven pathways for improving your career path, life path, and just about …

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