Why Join Us?

“Throughout any given day, human beings experience ‘BIOREACTIONS’
(i.e., the urge to FIGHT, FLEE, FREEZE OR APPEASE),
being aware of them and choosing an intelligent alternative is honorable work.”

Paraphrased from “The Communication Catalyst”


Salesman2Our clients join us to grow faster, to stay informed, to be inspired, and challenged to go for the stretch goals. To be exposed to the ever-changing “business best practices”, wise strategies, current sales and marketing technologies, and to apply the very best actionable tactics that serve their prospects and customer’s greatest hopes and expectations. They join us to compete at the highest level!They invite us in to speak at their meetings, and they come to our programs, webinars, and live events and have us share fresh ideas to stay active and informed in what’s happening in the trades, and in the field to avoid unfortunate surprises and to mastermind better ideas, script guides, and action plans.At FastPath Coaching, we make it our business and one of our highest priorities to be well-read, highly informed, and we stay in this conversation with our clients and associates to keep our message and material as current as possible.

We’ll never show up like a “know it all” telling anyone what to do. Instead, we show up curious, and open to all that is possible, while sharing what we believe in most. We believe in the concept of allowing everyone to question and challenge our assumptions – as we do the same for them. We bring an honor system, a creed, and a vision for constant and never ending improvement through intention, action, and feedback.

We are always working to share highly relevant and proven action plans that you and your people can begin at once to help improve your performance in attaining your expressed objectives based on our strategy sessions, coaching sessions, mastermind sessions and brainstorms.

We also subscribe to the philosophy of team building that has all parties agreeing to “play-full-out” by always being honest, assertive, and “care-frontational”.

This is the combined benefit of being positive, caring , respectful, and still willing to challenge ideas and action plans without personal judgments when doubt or concern is present. Your FastPath meeting facilitator will keep the focus on the desired results – not the personalities! This may sound obvious, or perhaps just some good common sense when it is laid out like this, and you may be also be surprised to learn how rare it is in practice!

Many clients have hired us to help with team building, sales training, and to facilitate meetings. Powerful or aggressive personalities can actually be the cause in many cases that keep billions of dollars in profits from seeing the light of day, and all because the staff would rather hold ideas back to avoid any conflict or discomfort. If you think this issue might be present at your company, we can help!

Dreams Don't Work Unless You DoIn fact, it is widely known that inviting an outside speaker, meeting facilitator, coach or consultant is one of the fastest paths to initiate real and lasting change, because of the energy and influence they can bring into your conversations, meetings, strategy sessions, and provide immediate results that you will get in no other way! This is why our clients bring us in to speak, and why they join FastPath Coaching programs.

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