Hello and Welcome to the FastPath!

Welcome to an exciting potential!  Look around and see if you like what you have found.

My name is Scott Taylor. This work is my passion, and I’m glad you’re here!

Here you will find many lessons, tips, tactics, shortcuts, trends, exercises, and proven pathways for improving your career path, life path, and just about every path there is in our human experience.

But by far, most people join us to improve there income or career results. What brings you here?

I’ll share what brought me here?

For me, it happened after being recognized for my work as the marketing mind behind #1 Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in the late 90’s and early 2000’s… The partners and I had built a company from zero to 56 million in revenue in just over two years! When the winds of change moved us to other projects I began coaching CEO’s to follow the proven path I was using for years, and I helped them to focus their attention more on the things that matter most and in finding where they fit best, doing what they do best, and in exploring and testing for the best results in areas they hold a pure passion for!

It’s been working quite well, and then I was asked to be a part of what became a best selling book series called “The Power Of Coaching”, and my stories were being shared as a case study in books by famous best selling authors, I also became a best selling author, I was interviewed on national television and things were moving along well until I hit the wall!

Things can (and do) change in a heartbeat don’t they?  I don’t have the perfect life, and I’m not really much different than you or anyone out there. Just a few lucky breaks, and then a few tragedies. I guess there were even more tragedies then I even care to remember growing up, but then I tend to look for what’s right, and not much about what’s wrong!

That by the way is your first tip for FastPath turnarounds! We tend to find what we are looking for, so be aware of your habits and change your focus, to see your goals take shape and quickly start to improve your results!

With little more than this amazing things will manifest in your life, and all due to the law of cause and effect!

Our results are effects, and often the best use of our conscious thinking is in understanding how to impact and change the cause of our results. Much more on this in the members area!

So what is this site about?

It’s a few things really. It’s the results of a study about the Fastest growing privately held companies, and it’s the stories from my experince meeting, interviewing, and practising what I learn.

It’s webinars with guests who have amazing stories and success to share with us, and it’s shortcuts and exercises that with help us all create the change we want, and the success we want. It’s live events, it’s a fast growing well of knowledge for improving your sales, marketing and your inner game to help our mambers see what it takes to stay driven and committed to your wants and wishes, and it’s about coaching real people to do more with thier time, talent and tinacity to serve the right markets, and to grow in many ways!

If any of this speaks to you, you may have found a path of your own to get to a place you always knew was on the way, and now you need only allow the way! I can show how it’s been working for us, and you can join us if you feel the muse to do so!